A.   An inspector may issue a stop work order "red tag" to any building or structure that is being used, altered or erected in violation of any requirement of this title, the building code, any state statute governing the construction of a building, the subdivision ordinance, the nuisance ordinance, or any other ordinance for which the building department is responsible for enforcement. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001; amd. 2004 Code)
   B.   Once in place, the removal of a "red tag" is a violation of this section, unless and until such time as the reason for the violation has been resolved and the removal of said notice has been approved by the building inspector. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001)