A detailed site plan, drawn to scale, shall be filed as a part of any application prior to consideration for any building permit. The site plan shall show, where pertinent:
   A.   Scale used.
   B.   Direction of north point.
   C.   Lot lines, adjacent streets or rights of way, easements, etc.
   D.   Location of all existing structures on the property, including driveway entrances, utility poles, etc. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001)
   E.   Location of the proposed construction and improvements, including setbacks, location and dimensions of signs, location of garbage receptacles, etc. The lowest floor level or opening into any residential building must be twenty four inches (24") above the crown of the highest road adjacent to the property.
      1.   Exceptions:
         a.   When the property is lower than the street, the lowest floor elevation may be lower than the street if the following three (3) requirements can be achieved:
            (1)   The drainage immediately around the building shall meet the minimum building code slope requirements of six inches (6") in ten feet (10').
            (2)   The final grade perpendicular to all exterior walls must be sloped a minimum of twenty four inches (24") below the lowest floor or entrance to the building.
            (3)   The drainage shall continue at a minimum of a two percent (2%) slope to an approved drainage easement.
         b.   If there is a conflict between the requirements of this subsection E and title 12, "Flood Control", of this code, title 12 shall control. (Ord. 2007-951-O, 12-4-2007)
   F.   Motor vehicle access, including individual parking stalls, circulation patterns, curb and gutter and sidewalk locations.
   G.   Any necessary explanatory notes.
   H.   Name, address and telephone number of building contractor and owner.
   I.   All other information that may be required as may be determined by the building inspector. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001)