A.   The construction, alteration, repair, removal or moving of any building or structure or any part thereof, as provided or as restricted in this title, shall not be commenced or proceeded with, except after the issuance of a written permit for the same by the building inspector. In addition to buildings or structures, utility systems and other physical improvements on any lot, such as pools, courts, etc., shall be constructed only after receiving a written permit from the building inspector. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001)
   B.   All building permits shall be issued in accordance with the general plan of the county, the road plan, the standards and regulations approved by the county public works director, and all boards, commissions, agencies and officials of the county and all other applicable ordinances of the county, including the county subdivision ordinance. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001; amd. 2004 Code)