A.   The existing ordinances covering zoning, in their entirety, and including the maps heretofore adopted and made a part of said ordinances, are hereby superseded and amended to read as set forth herein; provided, however, that this title, including the maps, shall be deemed to be a continuation of previous ordinances and not a new enactment, insofar as the substance of revisions of previous ordinances is included in this title, whether in the same or in different language; and this title shall be so interpreted upon all questions of construction, including, but not limited to, tenure to officers and boards established by previous ordinance and to questions of conforming to nonconforming uses and buildings, and to questions as to the dates upon which such uses, buildings or structures became conforming or nonconforming.
   B.   Requirements covered by a previous ordinance but not treated in this title, shall remain as though the previous ordinance was still in force and effect and shall be in full force as though it was a part of this title. (Ord. 2001-815-O, 12-17-2001, eff. 12-17-2001)