A.   Application Required: All applicants must submit an application for the issuance or renewal of licenses.
   B.   Information Required: All applications for licenses shall include the following information:
      1.   The name of the person applying for the license and the name of the business.
      2.   The type and nature of the business, calling, trade or profession to be performed, practiced or carried on pursuant to said license.
      3.   The place where such business is to be carried on, giving the street address of the business to be carried on in any building, and a legal description of the premises.
      4.   The period of time for which said license is desired to be issued.
      5.   Any other information required by the County Clerk/Auditor.
   C.   State License: If the business for which a license is applied is regulated by the State and requires a State license, the applicant must produce that State license, or evidence thereof, and must keep it current.
   D.   Coin Operated Machines Or Devices: In the event that the license application relates to a business which uses coin operated machines or devices, the application shall identify the type of machine or device to which it applies and the location thereof. (2004 Code)