A.   Conditions: The County Commission, upon written application, may waive or reduce any license fee for the current year required by the provisions of this chapter if:
      1.   The application, by reason of any special circumstances, merits such waiver or reduction; or
      2.   The applicant is engaged in business for solely religious, charitable, educational or other types of strictly nonprofit purposes, which is tax exempt in such activities under the laws of the United States and the State; or
      3.   The applicant is engaged in a business specifically exempted from Municipal taxation and fees by the laws of the United States or the State.
   B.   In Writing And Reasons Specified: Such waiver shall be in writing and specify the reasons for the waiver or reduction and any limitations or restrictions on the business for which said fee has been either waived or reduced.
   C.   Submission To Clerk/Auditor: A copy of the written waiver shall be submitted to the County Clerk/Auditor. (2004 Code)