§ 121.13 VIOLATIONS.
   (A)   If any tax imposed by this chapter is not paid within the time herein specified for the payment, or any extension thereof, there shall be added thereto a specific penalty equal to 10% of the amount remaining unpaid.
   (B)   In case of any failure to make and file a return within the time prescribed by this chapter, unless it is shown that the failure is not due to willful neglect, there shall be added to the tax in addition to the 10% specific penalty provided in division (A) above, 10% if the figure is for not more than 30 days with an additional 5% for each additional 30 days or fraction thereof during which the failure continues, not exceeding 25% in the aggregate.
   (C)   If any person willfully fails to file any return or make any payment required by this chapter, or willfully files a false or fraudulent return or willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any such a tax or payment thereof, there shall also be imposed as a penalty an amount equal to 50% of any tax (less any amount paid on the basis of the false or fraudulent return) found due for the period to which the return related.
   (D)   All payments received shall be credited first to penalties, next to interest and then to the tax due.
   (E)   The amount of tax not timely paid, together with any penalty provided by this section, shall bear interest at the maximum rate per annum as prescribed by M.S. § 270.75, as it may be amended from time to time, from the time the tax should have been paid until paid. Any interest and penalty shall be added to the tax and be collected as part thereof.
(Ord. 788, passed 2-19-02)