§ 112.10 EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   This chapter shall not apply to all sale under court order, nor to any bona fide auction sale, nor to newsboys, nor to a sale at wholesale to a retail dealer in the articles sold, nor to the sale of farm or garden products by the person producing the same, nor sales of admissions by local school students to a school function. Nor shall this chapter apply to solicitations for philanthropic, religious and educational charitable causes if the following procedure has been accomplished:
      (1)   Sworn application has been made to the Records Administrative Secretary showing name or organization, its purposes, its officers and directors, period of solicitation and solicitors form of remuneration; and
      (2)   The Secretary has investigated and found such statements true and for charitable purpose and therefore issued a permit without charge.
   (B)   Any person or group issued a peddler’s license under this section or any person or group addressed in division (A) above shall not solicit at residential properties which have clearly posted a “No Solicitation” sign at the main entrance to their building.
(`86 Code, § 4.36) (Am. Ord. 559, passed 5-6-86)