§ 92.25 VARIANCES.
   Where, because of conditions peculiar to a particular structure, it would be unreasonably difficult to satisfy the literal requirements of this chapter, a variance may be granted by the Codes Enforcement Office upon written application thereof, or by the board upon appeal. Such application shall state in writing the reasons why the variance should be made. A variance may be granted only where is shall be evident that reasonable safety and sanitation is assured, may include conditions not generally specified by this subchapter in order to achieve that end, and may include an expiration date. Variance shall not become effective until all conditions are agreed to by the applicant. Copies of all variances shall be recorded with the Gallatin County Clerk, filed with the Codes Enforcement Officer, and served to the applicant, If not issued within 30 days after a written application therefor is made to the Codes Enforcement Officer, the applicant shall be given a written statement of reasons why the variance cannot be granted, provide that no application shall be considered after a structure shall have been condemned as unsafe or unfit unless the owner shall have made a reasonable attempt to effect the ordered remedies.
(Ord. 1996-010, passed 10-14-96)