If the Codes Enforcement Officer determines in his opinion that such structure or premises is unsafe or unfit, or that there is any other violation of this chapter, he shall serve all owners, adult occupants, parties in interest, and utility providers written notice thereof in the form of a notice with an order of appropriate remedial action. The notice and order shall be styled “Notice and Order of Condemnation,” shall be signed and dated by the Codes Enforcement Officer, and shall contain the following information:
   (A)   The names and addresses if known of all owners, adult occupants, and parties in interest of such structure or premises;
   (B)   The location of such structure or premises;
   (C)   A statement in substance that the structure or premises has been condemned as a nuisance by the Codes Enforcement Officer;
   (D)   A detailed summary of the reasons for condemnation;
   (E)   A detailed summary of actions necessary to remedy the conditions making the premises or structure unfit or unsafe, with an express order directed to the owner to effect such remedial actions;
   (F)   A statement, if reasonably believed by the Codes Enforcement Officer, that the structure is irreparable because repair costs are estimated to exceed 50% of its value.
   (G)   Reasonable times allowed for the following actions:
      (1)   Vacating and closing or otherwise securing the structure or premises, if believed reasonably necessary by the Codes Enforcement Officer;
      (2)   Commencement and completion of the remedial actions;
      (3)   Commencement and completion of demolition, if the owner elects not to effect the remedial actions;
      (4)   Filing an appeal from the notice and order of condemnation;
   (H)   A statement in substance that failure to comply or appeal will result in such remedial action or demolition by the Codes Enforcement Officer and in his filing a lien in favor of the city for the cost so incurred against the real property upon which such violation exists.
(Ord. 1996-010, passed 10-14-96)