(A)   That a public safety emergency exists pursuant to I.C. 36-8-10-6 due to the exhaustion of the pool of qualified candidates for deputies of the Warrick County Sheriffs Department where the Warrick County Sheriff is hereby granted emergency powers to appoint qualified deputy candidates pursuant to statute until the Warrick County Sheriff deems the emergency to end;
   (B)   The powers granted the Warrick County Sheriff is made to promote public safety and conserve the peace; to repress, prevent, and detect crime; and to apprehend criminals;
   (C)   The Board of Commissioners of Warrick County authorize the Warrick County Sheriff to expend already budgeted funds from the Warrick County Sheriffs Department current year budget for the deputy salaries for the individuals so appointed by the Sheriff, and authorizes the Sheriff to encourage the deputies so appointed to apply through the normal employment process for probationary employment as soon as the Warrick County Sheriff determines the emergency has ended; and
   (D)   The Warrick County Sheriff shall immediately report to the Board of Commissioners when the emergency has ended at which time the powers granted in this section shall terminate.
(BC Res. 2017-05, passed 1-23-17)