1.           Submit five copies of proposed survey plat of parcelization, with a copy of the existing recorded deed and plat book page from the Warrick County Auditor's Office.
        a.   Drawing shall include metes-and-bounds legal description of any proposed newly created parcels (on drawing or as separate attachment). Accurately reflect the written boundary description. Locate and label the true POB and all ties to found section or quarter-section corners. Any recorded easements found shall be shown on the parcels/lots.
        b.   Drawing shall identify any flood plain areas as well as legal drains. The survey plat shall reference, if determined, the 100-year-flood contour and elevation as established on the FEMA Flood Insurance Maps. Reference FIRM panel number. If no flood plain or floodway is located on property, a statement to this effect shall be placed upon the survey plat.
        c.   Survey plat shall show any existing structures.
        d.   Survey plat shall show road rights-of-way.
        e.   Indicate north direction and scale.
2.           If the newly created parcel(s) are building sites, documentation must be submitted as to septic system approval/sewer connection and potable water/water connection.
(BC Ord. 2010-18, passed 12-20-10)