(A)   All regulations promulgated by the Federal Communications Commission, as they relate to the regulation of cable television rates, are hereby adopted by reference in this section.
   (B)   The County Commissioners are hereby authorized to appoint a hearing officer whose duty it shall be to conduct and hold public hearings on local cable rate regulations, to report his or her findings to the County Commissioners and make recommend- ations to the County Commissioners concerning basic cable regulation.
   (C)   The hearing officer shall conduct the public cable rate hearings on all cable rate regulation hearings in accordance with the rules and regulations issued and promulgated by the Federal Com- munications Commission found at 47 CFR 76.
   (D)   All regulation cable rates by the county shall be undertaken in accordance with and following the rate regulations promulgated by the Federal Communications Commission.
(BC Ord. 1994-12, passed 6-27-94)