(A)   Each person, firm or corporation filing an application for a permit shall provide security to the county, guaranteeing that the area sought to be disturbed will be restored. Such security may be provided by a two-year corporate surety bond; irrevocable letter of credit drawn on a bank or trust company acceptable to the county, such letter of credit to be irrevocable for a period of two years after the completion of the work; or, a cash deposit.
   (B)   The security required shall be equal to the estimated cost of the work required to restore the disturbed area as required by this subchapter, except that cash security shall be not less than $200. If the security provided is a cash deposit, such shall be held by the County Auditor in the street cut fund for a period of two years after the restoration is completed; shall be refundable upon certification that the restoration has been completed according to the requirements of this subchapter; and, has been inspected and accepted by the county. Such deposit shall be returned without the payment of interest on said sum by the county.
   (C)   The county shall, in the event that the repair or restoration has not been completed, or completed in an unacceptable manner, cause the area to be repaired and charge the cost for such work against the security held by the county. If such security is insufficient to cover the cost of repair, the applicant shall promptly remit the difference to the county.
   (D)   No payment of any fine levied hereunder for violation of any provision of this subchapter shall in any way diminish the obligation of said person violating this subchapter to pay the county an amount equal to the cost to the county of repairing any damage caused by such violation, and such payment of such cost shall be in addition to any fine assessed hereunder.
(BC Ord. 1991-22, passed 8-12-91)