(a)   Any veterinarian immunizing or re-immunizing a dog, ferret, or cat against rabies, whose owner or harborer resides within the City, shall keep a record of such immunization or re-immunization and shall, at the time of immunizing or re-immunizing, provide:
(1)    The owner or harborer of the animal a certificate of immunization which includes a number identifying the individual record, a complete description of the animal, place where the animal is kept, or harbored, name and address of the owner, keeper or harborer of the animal, date and type of immunization or re-immunization and other pertinent information as needed, along with the signature and typed name and address of the veterinarian. The vaccination records shall be the property of the Health District, and shall be kept by the veterinarian for not less than five years from the date of vaccination.
A.   Veterinarian shall make such records available for inspection by the Health District upon reasonable request.
   (b)   Any veterinarian who immunizes or re-immunizes a dog, ferret, or cat against rabies shall provide a tag, which shall have thereon permanently affixed the year of immunization or re-immunization and the number indicating the record prescribed in subsection (a) hereof.
   (c)   The Health Official may make exemptions, upon request, from the provisions of this chapter, when in his or her opinion, the conditions under which the dogs, ferrets, or cats are confined, would render them harmless to the community.
(Res.171. Passed 5-28-97.)