(a)   Any person who keeps or harbors a dog, ferret, or cat within the City limits shall keep such animals immunized or re-immunized against rabies, by a veterinarian licensed by the State of Ohio, or any other method approved by the Health District, so that such dog, ferret, or cat is continually protected against contracting rabies, provided, however, dogs, ferrets, or cats need not be immunized before reaching the age of four months.
(1)    Each person or harborer shall keep written evidence of each such vaccination and produce such evidence at the request of the Health Commissioner, or his designee.
   (b)   Dogs, ferrets, or cats entering the City temporarily for shows, exhibition and/or breeding purposes shall not be allowed out of the owner’s, keeper's, or handler's  control, unless properly immunized. All such immunized dogs, ferrets, or cats shall be accompanied by an immunization certificate supplied by the veterinarian who immunized the dog, ferret, or cat.
(Res.171. Passed 5-28-97.)