(a)    After the Fire Alarm Office has recorded three separate false alarms within a calendar year from an alarm system, the Fire Chief shall notify the alarm user, by certified mail, of such fact and shall order such user to submit, within fifteen days after receipt of such notice, a report describing in sufficient detail, efforts to discover and eliminate the cause or causes of the false alarms. Upon a written request for an extension of time filed with the Fire Chief within such initial fifteen days, the Fire Chief may grant an additional fifteen days within which such report is to be filed.
   (b)    No alarm user shall fail to timely and properly obey  any order issued to him pursuant to subsection (a) hereof.
   (c)    No alarm user shall fail to obey any order of the Fire Chief to maintain and/or repair any alarm system of such user.
(Ord. 9778/87. Passed 4-8-87.)