A.   Whenever a change occurs relating to the written information required on the permit application, listing requirements or other documents filed with the city pursuant to this chapter, the applicant or permittee shall give written notice of said change to the police and fire departments within ten (10) days thereof.
B.   Any changes of ownership at a location formerly or currently utilizing an alarm system shall be construed as a new installation and shall require the necessary permit and fees.
C.   The replacing, modifying or altering of an existing permitted system shall not constitute a new installation. Such replacement shall be subject to the existing permit. However, any change of permit or license information caused by such action shall be given in writing to the police department within ten (10) days.
D.   The information required by this chapter shall be maintained as confidential and shall only be used for law enforcement purposes, and statistical studies in which information on individuals could not be discovered. Any unauthorized disclosure is punishable as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 1069 §1, 2009)