A.   Fire, burglary, robbery or other emergency alarm systems which use a local audible or visual alarm device to attract the attention of the public shall be equipped so as to automatically discontinue the alarm within thirty (30) minutes, unless the system is maintained by an alarm business with twenty four (24) hour service employees who can respond within thirty (30) minutes after notification.
B.   Every alarm system shall have an uninterruptable power supply which will sustain the operation of the alarm system for a minimum period of four (4) hours.
C.   All alarm systems and fire detection systems must also comply with NFPA 71, central station signaling systems, NFPA 72A, local protective signaling systems, NFPA 72B, auxiliary protective signaling systems, or NFPA 72C, remote station protective signaling systems, adopted hereby and incorporated herein by reference. If any inconsistency or conflict exists in this code and the aforementioned NFPA provisions the more strict standard shall apply. (Ord. 1069 §1, 2009)