A.   Number Of False Alarms: An excessive number of false alarms shall be deemed to be more than twelve (12) false alarms within any three hundred sixty five (365) day period.
B.   Violation: Any person designated as defined in this chapter who exerts control and/or any other legal entity or person who has control over the property protected by an alarm system who allows, continues, or causes excessive false alarms, as defined herein, to be made or continued any excessive "false alarm" as defined herein shall be subject to an administrative fee for each and every excessive false alarm. Each and every violation of the excessive false alarm provisions shall constitute a separate action that may be remedied by revocation of permit and/or an administrative fee assessment as a means to regulate the alarm systems within the city of Warr Acres and accomplish the stated purpose of this chapter.
C.   Notice: If an excessive number of false alarms occur at any alarm location, the police/fire chief shall give written notice to the alarm system permittee and/or to the alarm business responsible for maintaining and servicing the systems, as shown on the permit and application to take corrective action within fourteen (14) days to prevent future false alarms.
D.   Revocation After Notice: If the corrective action is not accomplished and communicated in writing to the alarm coordinator giving notice within fourteen (14) days to the permittee or the alarm business, written notice of revocation of the alarm system permit shall be served upon the permittee by the police or fire department by mail.
E.   Reinstatement: After an alarm permit has been revoked, the permit shall not be reinstated until the permittee submits a written request to the alarm coordinator revoking the permit, accompanied by a statement that corrective action has taken place. The alarm coordinator acting hereunder shall charge the permittee a reinstatement fee as established herein. (Ord. 1069 §1, 2009)