Any charges, rates, license fees, fines or other moneys, as hereinafter provided for by ordinance of the village, to be paid to the Village Clerk or Treasurer may be paid in cash, by check, or credit card, or by other approved medium of exchange. The village reserves the right to require payment by immediately available funds or cash in its sole discretion. The village may impose a reasonable convenience fee for payment by credit card as allowed by 50 ILCS 345/25. It is hereby expressly provided, however, that a payor by check thereby expressly agrees to pay to the village a charge of $25 for each check returned or dishonored by the payor's bank. Such charges are immediately due and payable upon demand by the village therefor. Each statement for service charges shall contain the following phrase: “An additional service charge of $25.00 is assessed upon any check being returned or dishonored by payor's bank.”
(Ord. 2019-7-2A, passed 7-2-2019)