TITLE TWO - Planning
      Chap. 1220. Planning Commission.
      Chap. 1222. Annexation.
TITLE THREE - Erosion and Sediment Control
      Chap. 1230. Erosion and Sediment Control
      Chap. 1232. Post Construction Storm Water Runoff Control.
TITLE FOUR - Subdivision Regulations
      Chap. 1240. General Provisions and Definitions.
      Chap. 1242. Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
      Chap. 1244. Platting Procedure.
      Chap. 1246. Design Standards.
      Chap. 1248. Improvements.
TITLE SIX - Zoning
      Chap. 1250. General Provisions and Definitions.
      Chap. 1252. Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
      Chap. 1254. Board of Zoning Appeals.
      Chap. 1256. Amendments.
      Chap. 1258. Districts Generally and Zoning Map.
      Chap. 1260. A-1 Agricultural District.
      Chap. 1262. R-1 Suburban Residence District.
      Chap. 1264. R-2 Single and Two Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1266. R-3 Single and Two Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1268. R-4 Multiple Family Residence District.
      Chap. 1270. R-5 Mobile Home District.
      Chap. 1272. B-1 Neighborhood Business District.
      Chap. 1274. B-2 General Business District.
      Chap. 1276. B-3 Central Business District.
      Chap. 1278. M-1 Industrial District.
      Chap. 1280. M-2 Industrial District.
      Chap. 1282. M-3 Industrial District.
      Chap. 1283. Planned Unit Development.
      Chap. 1284. Off-Street Parking and Loading.
      Chap. 1286. Signs.
      Chap. 1288. Nonconforming Buildings and Uses.
      Chap. 1290. Exceptions and Modifications.
      Chap. 1292. Supplementary Regulations.
      Chap. 1294. Screening and Landscaping.