§ 50.85  VIOLATIONS.
   In addition to the penalty described in § 50.99(B), any customer violating any of the water use restrictions imposed pursuant to the declaration of the water shortage response phases provided in        §§ 50.78 through 50.81 is subject to other enforcement measures as outlined herein.  A written notice of the violation shall be affixed or posted on the property where the violation occurred and mailed to the customer of record or to any other person known to be responsible for the violation or its correction.  This notice shall be sent by the Supervisor of Water and Sewer Department or other proper designated entity and shall describe the violation with direction that it be corrected, cured, or abated immediately or within a certain specified time. If the order is not complied with by the customer, termination of water service to the customer may occur, subject to the following procedures:  notice shall be given to the customer by mail that due to the violation, water services will be discontinued within certain time and that the customer has the opportunity to appeal that termination by requesting a hearing before the City Council.  If such a hearing is requested, the customer shall be given a full opportunity to be heard before termination is ordered.  The City Council shall make findings from facts presented to it during any such hearing prior to ordering termination of service and as an alternative to such termination, may take other measures that are reasonable under the circumstances to conserve water and yet still provide access of reasonable service to the customer.
(Ord. 1988-13, passed 7-25-88)