Whenever the City Council determines that a potential shortage of primary water supplies is indicated by current conditions, it shall be empowered to declare by resolution, municipal order, or other local legislation action that a water shortage advisory exists that the Supervisor of the Walton Water and Sewer Department or other designated official or employee of the city shall, on a daily basis, monitor the primary water supply and the treated water supply as well as the demands upon the primary and treated water supply. Additionally, City Council or the Mayor is authorized to urge all water customers to employ voluntary water conservation measures to limit nonessential (Class 3) waster use and eliminate the waste of water. This resolution, municipal order, or other local legislative action shall be published in the official city newspaper for legal publications and may be publicized or published through other means of general news media, including other newspapers, radio, or television, or any other appropriate method for making such actions known to the public.
(Ord. 1988-13, passed 7-25-88)  Penalty, see § 50.99