Each and every person doing business in the village as a peddler, solicitor, or transient vendor shall file with the Clerk, on a form to be provided for the purpose, a statement setting forth the following information:
   (A)   Name and address of individual filing the statement;
   (B)   Name and address of principal or employer if individual is an agent or employee;
   (C)   Credentials showing relationship of agent or employee;
   (D)   Description of individual filing statement including height, weight, sex, age, color, and distinguishing characteristics, if any;
   (E)   The goods to be sold or offered for sale, or the type of services to be rendered;
   (F)   The period of time during which the business will be carried on in the village; and
   (G)   Description of automobile or other vehicle to be used in the business, including the make, model, body style, color, and license number.