(A)   The position of Code Enforcement Official is hereby created to enforce Chapter 92 of the city code. The term Code Enforcement Official shall include and mean a Code Enforcement Officer.
   (B)   The Fire Chief shall be removed as Code Enforcement Official and the Public Works Foreman shall be and is hereby named the Code Enforcement Official of the city and shall perform the duties as outlined in division (C) below.
   (C)   The duties and responsibilities of the Code Enforcement Official shall be as follows:
      (1)   The Code Enforcement Official shall work under the direct supervision of the City Administrator.
      (2)   Compensation for the Code Enforcement Official shall be as prescribed by the Mayor and the City Council from time to time.
      (3)   The Code Enforcement Official shall send official notice to any person or persons, firm, corporation or association of persons who shall within the corporate limits of the city, commit, cause, create, permit, keep or otherwise maintain a nuisance and shall enforce compliance of all other codes concerning health and human safety.
      (4)   If the violation is not corrected within ten calendar days of the receipt of the official notification from the Code Enforcement Official, the matter shall be forwarded to the Chief of Police for further action as outlined in Ordinance 2-05.
(Ord. 7-11, passed 8-8-2011; Ord. 2-13, passed 1-14-2013; Ord. 13-13, passed 8-12-2013; Ord. 18-13, passed 10-14-2013)