In the event Utility personnel detect any identified red flags, such personnel shall take one or more of the following steps, depending on the degree of risk posed by the red flag.
   (A)   Prevent and mitigate.
      (1)   Continue to monitor an account for evidence of identity theft;
      (2)   Contact the customer, sometimes through multiple methods;
      (3)   Change any passwords or other security devices that permit access to accounts;
      (4)   Not open a new account;
      (5)   Close an existing account;
      (6)   Do not close the account, but monitor or contact authorities;
      (7)   Reopen an account with a new number;
      (8)   Notify the Program Administrator for determination of the appropriate step(s) to take;
      (9)   Notify law enforcement; or
      (10)   Determine that no response is warranted under the particular circumstances.
   (B)   Protect customer identifying information.  In order to further prevent the likelihood of identity theft occurring with respect to Utility accounts, the Utility will take the following steps with respect to its internal operating procedures to protect customer identifying information:
      (1)   Ensure that its website is secure or provide clear notice that the website is not secure;
      (2)   Where and when allowed, ensure complete and secure destruction of paper documents and computer files containing customer information;
      (3)   Ensure that office computers are password protected and that computer screens lock after a set period of time;
      (4)   Change passwords on office computers on a regular basis;
      (5)   Ensure all computers are backed up properly and any backup information is secured;
      (6)   Keep offices clear of papers containing customer information;
      (7)   Request only the last four digits of social security numbers (if any);
      (8)   Ensure computer virus protection is up to date; and
      (9)   Require and keep only the kinds of customer information that are necessary for utility purposes.
(Ord. 08-09, passed 7-13-2009)