(A)   City equipment shall be used only in furtherance of the business of the city and shall not be loaned, rented, or used by developers, contractors, or any other persons, for any purposes whatever, except in accordance with the terms of this section.
   (B)   If the city is obligated to perform utility work under prior agreements to developers, and the equipment is operated by city employees, and on city payroll and during city working hours, then and in that event, work may continue to be performed under those prior agreements.
   (C)   The city equipment may also be used, on an infrequent basis, to assist citizens of the city in the event of an emergency, such as a sewer stoppage, or a water or gas line breakage, or to perform other work of a non-recurring nature on an infrequent basis, when the work to be performed is so small such that a private contractor will not do the work.  This work will not exceed four-hours’ duration, and will be performed by city employees who are paid by the city.  The City Council will, from time to time, set hourly rental rates to be charged citizens for the work to be performed, which the citizens shall pay to the City Secretary on completion of the work.  No equipment will be used unless its use is determined  not to interfere with the needs of the city, and the work to be performed meets the criteria of this section. When the Mayor deems it necessary, he or she may require the citizen to deposit an amount with the City Secretary, in advance, sufficient to meet the estimated rental charges.  No city equipment will be used outside the city limits under these exceptions, except as approved in advance by the City Council.
(Res. 14-76, passed 10-11-1976)