(A)   (1)   Depositories for the city shall be designated by the Mayor.
      (2)   (a)   The Mayor and City Secretary jointly, or the Mayor Pro Tem and the City Secretary, jointly, shall be and each of them hereby is authorized to endorse for deposit or negotiation any and all checks, drafts, notes, bills of exchange and orders for the payment of money, either belonging to or coming into the possession of this city.  Endorsements for deposit may be by the written or stamped endorsement of the company without designation of the person making the endorsement. 
         (b)   This division applies to the following Funds: General Fund, Revenue Fund, Antirecession Fiscal Assistance Fund, Utilities Reserve Fund, and the Social Security Fund.
   (B)   The American National Bank, Texarkana, Texas, is designated as a depository for the Community Development Block Grant Funds.  The Mayor and City Secretary, or Mayor Pro Tem and City Secretary are authorized to sign checks for the payment of authorized expenditures connected with the grant.
(Ord. 14-75, passed 8-11-1975; Ord. 13-75, passed 8-14-1975; Ord. passed 8-14-1975; Ord. 3-77, passed 2-14-1977; Ord. 15-77, passed 5-24-1977;  Ord. 18-78, passed 4-14-1978; Res. R16-81, passed 11-16-1981)