(A)   (1)   A tax is hereby authorized on all telecommunications services sold within the city.  For purposes of this section, the sale of telecommunications services is consummated at the location of the telephone or other telecommunications device from which the call or other communication originates. If the point of origin cannot be determined, the sale is consummated at the address to which the call or other communication is billed.
      (2)   The application of the exemption provided for in Tex. Tax Code § 321.210 and § 321.210(b) thereof.
      (3)   The rate of the tax imposed by this section shall be the same as the rate imposed by the city for all other local sales and use taxes as authorized by the legislature of the State of Texas.
      (4)   The City Secretary shall forward to the Comptroller of the State of Texas by United States registered mail a copy of this section along with a copy of the minutes of the City Council’s vote and discussion on this section.
      (5)   This section shall become effective as of October 1, 1999.
   (B)   The tax provided for hereunder shall not serve as an offset to, be in lieu of, or in any way reduce any amount payable to the city pursuant to any franchise, street use ordinance, statute or, without limitation by the foregoing enumeration, otherwise payable by any provider of telecommunications service; it being the express intent hereof that all the obligations, impositions, and agreements of every kind and nature shall remain in full force and effect without reduction or limitation hereby.
(Ord. 12-99, passed 9-28-1999)