General Provisions
   91.01   Definitions
   91.02   Establishment and composition of the Animal Control Section
   91.03   General duties of Animal Control Section
   91.04   General duties of keepers of animals
   91.05   Cruelty to animals
   91.06   Adequate feed, water and shelter
   91.07   Animals at large
   91.08   Animals creating nuisance
   91.09   Destruction of animals that cannot be sized by reasonable means
   91.10   Setting humane animal traps and authority to receive trapped animals
   91.11   Confinement and control of inherently dangerous mammals
   91.12   Confinement and control of dangerous dogs or potentially dangerous dogs
   91.13   Requirements for dangerous dogs or potentially dangerous dogs
   91.14   Requirements for attack training facility
   91.15   Confiscation of dangerous dog
   91.16   Required notification to Animal Control Section by owners of dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog
   91.17   Appeal process for potentially dangerous dog or dangerous dog
   91.18   Teasing and molesting
   91.19   Law enforcement dogs excluded
   91.20   Interference with enforcement of chapter
Rabies Control
   91.30   Compliance with state law, subchapter as supplement to state law
   91.31   Inoculation of dogs, cats and other animals
   91.32   Inoculation tag and proof of vaccination for dogs and cats
   91.33   Evidence of inoculation of cats and ferrets
   91.34   Report and confinement of animals biting persons or showing symptoms of rabies
   91.35   Management of dogs, cats and ferrets exposed to rabies
   91.36   Area-wide emergency quarantine
   91.37   Postmortem diagnosis
   91.38   Unlawful killing, releasing and the like of certain animals
   91.39   Failure to surrender animal for quarantine or euthanasia
Community Cat Initiative
   91.40   Community cats
   91.41   Trap-Neuter-Return Programs
   91.50   Generally
   91.51   Notice to owner or community cat sponsoring organization
   91.52   Redemption by owner or community cat caregiver generally
   91.53   Destruction or adoption of unredeemed animals generally
   91.54   Procedure with respect to redemption or adoption of unvaccinated dog or cat
   91.55   Suspected rabid animals not to be redeemed or adopted
   91.56   Destruction of wounded or diseased animals
   91.57   Immediate placement for adoption or destruction of animal surrendered by owner
   91.58   Effective date
   91.99   Penalty