(A)   All subdivision proposals shall be consistent with the need to minimize flood damage and are subject to all applicable standards in these regulations;
   (B)   All subdivision proposals shall have public utilities and facilities such as sewer, gas, electrical, and water systems located and constructed to minimize flood damage;
   (C)   All subdivision proposals shall have adequate drainage provided to reduce exposure to flood damage;
   (D)   In all areas of special flood hazard where base flood elevation data are not available, the applicant shall provide a hydrologic and hydraulic engineering analysis that generates base flood elevations for all subdivision proposals and other proposed developments containing at least 50 lots or five acres, whichever is less; and
   (E)   The applicant shall meet the requirement to submit technical data to FEMA in § 151.310(A)(1)(d) when a hydrologic and hydraulic analysis is completed that generates base flood elevations as required by division (D) of this section.
(Ord. 08-033, passed 7-1-08)  Penalty, see § 151.999