§ 97.32  CURB CUTTING.
   (A)   Regulations.  No person shall cut any existing curb, or cause downspout outlets to be cut in any existing curb other than as herein provided.  All curb cuts to be made in uncut curbs shall be made only by city employees, under the direction of the City Engineer, however, the Director of Public Service may allow contractors with proven ability to remove and replace the concrete after the curb has been properly cut by the city. 
('65 Code, § 905.01)  (Ord. 107-71, passed 10-5-71)
   (B)   Application for proposed work. Any person desiring to cut a depression or opening in any curb for facilitating ingress and egress from streets, downspout outlets or for any other purpose shall file an application with the Director of Public Service.  Such application shall contain the specific location, the length and depth of such cut from the top of the curb, the purpose of such cut or depression and a request for performance of such work by the city. 
('65 Code, § 905.02)  (Ord. 2483, passed 9-1-59)
   (C)   Curb cutting fees.
      (1)   The fee for cutting the existing concrete curbing and removing the existing curb for driveway openings shall be $5.00 per lineal foot.
      (2)   The fee for cutting an existing concrete depressed or full curb, removing, forming and pouring a new full curb shall be $15.00 per lineal foot up to ten feet in length and $10.00 per lineal foot for lengths over ten feet.
      (3)   The fee for cutting existing concrete curbing or depressed concrete driveways where removal and replacement is to be performed by others approved by the Director of Public Service shall be $1.50 per lineal foot.
      (4)   The fee for cutting the existing concrete curbing, removing, forming and pouring a new concrete curb with opening for a downspout shall be $15.00 for each downspout outlet.
('65 Code, § 905.03)  (Ord. 58-79, passed 5-8-79)
   (D)   City contractors excepted. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any person under contract with the city who is engaged in the improvement of any street for the paving or construction of curbs and gutters. 
('65 Code, § 905.04)  (Ord. 2483, passed 9-1-59)