(A)   No person shall serve as Municipal Fire Safety Inspector unless he has received a certificate issued under former R.C. § 3303.07 or R.C. § 4765.55 evidencing his satisfactory completion of a fire safety inspection training program. 
(R.C. § 3737.34)
   (B)   The Municipal Fire Safety Inspector, upon examination or inspection, shall issue citations when he finds conditions as specified in R.C. § 3737.41 which are especially dangerous to the safety of persons, buildings, premises or property, and shall make any necessary remedial orders in connection therewith.  Citation enforcement may be by use of the procedures established by R.C. § 3737.42 for hearing on the citation or R.C. § 3737.44 for injunctive relief or temporary restraining order and oral order for vacation of the building or premises.
   (C)   The Municipal Fire Safety Inspector, upon reasonable belief and after inspection or investigation, shall with reasonable promptness issue a citation to the responsible person for a violation of the Ohio Fire Code or any order issued by the Ohio Fire Marshal or any Municipal Fire Safety Inspector.  The citation shall fix a reasonable time for abatement of the violation and a copy shall be furnished to the Ohio Fire Marshal.  Each citation issued under this division (C) shall be prominently posted by the responsible person, as prescribed by the Ohio Fire Code, at or near each place a violation referred to in the citation occurs.
   (D)   Upon request of the Municipal Fire Safety Inspector, the Director of Law shall institute and prosecute any necessary action or proceeding to enforce this chapter or R.C. Chapter 3737.
('65 Code, § 1501.04)