(A)   In cases for which classifications have not been provided, or in cases in which a question arises regarding the provisions and stipulations as set forth in this chapter, the Director of Public Service shall have the authority to establish rates and make regulations or decisions necessary for the protection of the public health and welfare.
   (B)   The Director may designate certain days throughout the year for clean-up days for rubbish only if, in his opinion, such special collections are necessary for the maintenance of health and sanitation.
   (C)   The Director of Public Service may authorize special rates, customer incentives or other promotional or customer retention programs in order to gain or retain customers as needed.  These special rates, incentives, or other promotional rates may be segmented or bundled for multiple services and may be provided to one, several or all customers.
(‘65 Code, § 955.03)  (Ord. 2715, passed 3-6-62; Am. Ord. 16-177, passed 1-3-17)