(A)   Grass clippings shall be placed in containers with a maximum capacity of 30 gallons.  Rigid containers shall have handles and lids.  Bag-type containers shall have the opening folded closed to prevent rain and moisture from entering but shall not be tied or taped closed.
   (B)   Stickers purchased at the utility office at city hall shall be affixed to all bag type containers.  Rigid containers shall have a sticker placed on top of materials inside of the container.  Any container of grass clippings without such sticker shall not be collected.  Grass clippings in the same container with other rubbish and trash will not be collected.
   (C)   All yard waste shall be at the street line the night before the designated pick-up day.
   (D)   Stickers shall be purchased at the utility office at city hall during regular office hours.  The cost shall be $1 per sticker and payment must be made at the time of purchase.  All funds collected for sale of stickers shall be applied to the Sanitation Fund.
('65 Code, § 955.09)  (Ord. 31-91, passed 4-2-91; Am. Ord. 05-052, passed 4-19-05) Penalty, see § 10.99