(A)   The Director of Public Service is hereby authorized and directed to receive claims for overcharges on behalf of the city from users of city utilities and, upon receipt of satisfactory evidence, the Director is further authorized to refund from the proper utility account to users of city utilities any overcharge from established rates that may have been inadvertently charged to and paid by such user. Claims for overcharges shall be limited to the preceding five years.
   (B)   The Director of Public Service shall require that all claims for refunds be in writing stating the name of the claimant, his current address, the location of the premises to which such utility was furnished, a detailed statement of the overcharge showing amounts claimed and time period of overcharge, and such other evidence or information that may be necessary to make a proper and fair determination of the claim for overcharge against the city.
   (C)   No refund for overcharges on city utilities shall be made to any user unless all bills and accounts due and owing to the city for city utility services or for any other claim, demand or tax due and owing to the city are currently paid and not delinquent in any form or manner, as determined by the Director of Public Service.
   (D)   No person shall present to the city a false or fraudulent claim, or aid or abet in the presentation of a false or fraudulent claim for purposes of obtaining, or attempting to obtain, a refund for overcharges on any city utility service. Any material misrepresentation of facts in the claim required by division (A) shall constitute a false claim. 
('65 Code, § 923.13)  (Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07; Am. Ord. 11-121, passed 2-7-12)