(A)   If a customer who receives a disconnection notice disputes the basis for the disconnection notice and desires to  appeal the basis for the issuance of the disconnection notice, or seeks:
      (1)   An extended payment terms other than that offered by the city customer service representative;  or
      (2)   Because of a pending bankruptcy case, the customer must submit a written request for a hearing before the board of utility appeals to the utility office on a form provided by the utility office no less than 72 hours before the disconnection date set forth in the disconnection notice. 
      (3)   The written request shall set forth whether the customer is:
         (a)   Appealing terms and conditions of an extended payment plan;
         (b)   Disputing the basis for the delinquency;  or
         (c) Seeking relief due to a pending bankruptcy case. 
      (4)   The written request shall also set forth, as applicable:
         (a)   The basis for alternative terms for an Extended Payment Plan;
         (b)   The basis of the dispute of the delinquency; or
         (c)   All pertinent information related to the bankruptcy filing.
   (B)   Upon receipt of a written request, the city shall contact the customer to arrange a hearing.  The hearing shall be held before Board of Utility Appeals.  Every effort shall be made to conduct the hearing prior to the disconnection date set forth in the disconnection notice. 
(Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07)