(A)   If a customer who receives a disconnection notice desires to petition for an extended payment plan to cure the delinquency, the customer shall meet with a city customer service representative prior to the disconnection date to discuss.  The city customer service representatives are authorized to enter into an extended payment plan with a customer whose account is delinquent.  Any extended payment plan shall take into account the amount of the delinquency, the payment history of the customer, and the customer's current ability pay in approving or establishing an acceptable extended payment plan for a customer.  Any extended payment plan approved by the city customer service representative shall only be authorized if the customer has not had any delinquencies in the prior twelve months.  Further, any extended payment plan authorized shall not exceed 12 months in length and shall ensure that the customer's account will be brought current by the end of the term of the extended payment plan.
   (B)   The customer must pay, by the applicable due date, all amounts due and owning for all utility services provided from the date of the extended payment plan going forward plus any amounts due under the extended payment plan.  If the customer agrees to the extended payment plan, the disconnection notice shall be rescinded. Any executed extended payment plan shall be in the form set forth herein and executed by the customer and the city.  If a customer defaults on any payment set forth in the extended payment plan or the customer's account for additional utility service otherwise becomes delinquent during the term of any extended payment plan, the city may disconnect the utility service without further notice.
   (C)   The Public Service Director shall have the ability to offer similar payment plans for residential service line replacements.
   (D)   If the customer is not satisfied with the terms and conditions offered by the city customer service representative or the customer does not have the resources to make the payments required by the extended payment plan, the customer may file an appeal with the board of utility appeals.
(Ord. 07-053, passed 5-15-07)