(A)   The city may discontinue any customer's utility service whose account is in delinquent status.  The city may discontinue a customer's utility service that is delinquent only after following the procedures set forth below.
   (B)   Any utility service disconnections shall occur during normal city business hours and only after ten calendar day written notice (herein "disconnection notice") of intent to discontinue utility service has been sent via U.S. regular mail to the customer at the billing address set forth on the customer's utility services agreement.  If the billing address is not the premises where the utility service is provided, then the disconnection notice shall also be mailed via U.S. regular mail to the premises where the utility service is being provided.  A notification, stating the amount past due of each tenant, shall also be mailed to the guarantor, if any, and the property owner if different than customer, at the addresses provided on the utility services agreement.
   (C)   After the passage of ten calendar days, if the account remains delinquent and no extended payment plan has been executed, the designated workers of the city may, pursuant to the procedures set forth in this section, enter the premises where such utility service is being provided, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and take such take action as is necessary to disconnect and otherwise terminate the utility service.
   (D)   The disconnection notice shall state all of the following:
      (1)   The reason for the disconnection of service;
      (2)   The amount of any delinquency;
      (3)   That the customer may submit a written request for special payment arrangements, appeal the reason for the disconnection, or pending bankruptcy;
      (4)   Instructions regarding seeking approval of a an extended payment plan;
      (5)   Instructions regarding appeal of the disconnection notice;
      (6)   The time period in which any such written request must be made to the Utility Office Manager, which shall be no later than 72 hours prior to the disconnection date;
      (7)   The name and number of the city contact to address questions related to the customer's account; and
      (8)   The date after which utility service will be disconnected (herein "disconnection date")
   (E)   On the business day prior to disconnection date, the city shall provide the customer with a personal notice of the discontinuation of utility service (herein "termination notice") by delivering a 24-hour notice of  disconnection to the premises where the utility service is to be disconnected.  The termination notice shall contain the same information as the disconnection notice with the exception that a hearing is no longer available and shall further inform the customer that the utility service shall be terminated the next business day if the customer's account is not paid in full by the close of business.  Business day shall be defined as any day the city offices are open for business.  If the customer is not available at the service location, the city shall provide the termination notice to an adult consumer at the premises.  If neither the customer nor an adult consumer is available, the city shall attach the termination notice to the premises in a conspicuous location.