(A)   No Township official, Township employee or candidate for public office may solicit, commit to pay, or receive payment of or a commitment to pay any contribution for any candidate, elected official or political organization while in or on any property owned by the Township. This prohibition includes the use of Township owned or leased telephones, copy machines, facsimile machines, computers or other equipment and/or facilities. By way of example and not limitation, the following are prohibited acts:
      (1)   Soliciting or accepting contributions using municipal telephones, fax machines or computers.
      (2)   Soliciting or accepting contributions using personal telephones while on the property of the Township.
      (3)   Soliciting or accepting contribution through the use of publicly-owned computer or privately-owned personal computers while on the property of the Township.
      (4)   Using Township letterhead to solicit or accept contributions.
      (5)   Face-to-face soliciting of an individual or an owner or representative of a business entity while on the property of the Township.
      (6)   Use of automobiles owned or leased by the Township to accept or solicit contributions.
   (B)   Nothing in this § 37.07 shall be deemed to prohibit any Township official or Township employee from freely making a political contribution to any candidate for public office or any political organization, so long as the making of such contribution is not in violation of division (A) of this § 37.07.
(Ord. 942-99, passed 8-9-99)