(A)   The appropriate authority for the Police Department shall be the Director of Public Safety, who shall be a member of the Township Committee. The Director of Public Safety shall be directly responsible for the conduct of the Police Department, and in his or her absence or disability the Township Committee as a body will assume this responsibility and exercise the powers and duties prescribed for the Director of Public Safety. The Township Committee shall adopt the rules, regulations and orders necessary to perform the duties of Director of Public Safety.
   (B)   Obedience to the orders of the Township Committee and Director of Public Safety shall be required from the Police Chief and every other member of the Police Department. The Director of Public Safety shall be responsible for the proper police conduct of the Department and the efficient and effective operation thereof, and shall be obligated to ensure that the Police Department enforces all of the laws of the state and ordinances of the Township.
   (C)   The Chief of Police, with the approval of the Director of Public Safety (except with respect to the Chief, which relief from duty shall be ordered by the Director of Public Safety individually), shall have the power to relieve from duty any member of the Police Department for the violation of any section of this chapter or any rule governing the Police Department until the complaint and charge against such member shall be disposed of as provided in the rules and regulations.
(Ord. 860-98, passed 2-9-98)