Section 12.48.130   Deposits for certain special events.
   A.   Generally.
      1.   The committee may require the applicant to pay a deposit reasonably calculated to reimburse the city for its reasonable and necessary costs in providing services for a special event.
      2.   If the applicant disputes the amount of a deposit, he or she may appeal to the city manager or his/her designee within five business days after receipt of the deposit determination.
   B.   Cleanup deposits.
      1.   The applicant for a special event involving the sale of food or beverages, erection of structures, horses or other large animals, water aid stations, or the use of public streets, sidewalks, or any public right of way shall be required to provide a cleanup deposit prior to the authorization of a special event. The cleanup deposit shall be in the amount established in the master fee resolution.
      2.   The cleanup deposit shall be returned to the applicant after the special event if the area used for the special event has been cleaned and restored to the same condition as existed prior to the event, or, if no authorization has been made on an application, to the applicant after the planned date of the event as identified in the application has passed.
      3.   If the property used for the event has not been properly cleaned or restored, the applicant shall be billed for the actual cost incurred by the city for cleanup and restoration, and the cleanup deposit, or a portion thereof, shall be applied toward payment of the bill. Should there be any unexpended balance on deposit after completion of the work, this balance shall be refunded to the applicant. Should the amount of the bill exceed the cleanup deposit, the difference shall become due and payable to the city upon the applicant's receipt of the bill.
   C.   Waiver of deposits for expressive events.
      1.   The committee shall waive the requirements for a deposit if the applicant presents a verified statement, certifying under penalty of perjury, explaining in sufficient detail for the committee to determine that:
         a.   First Amendment expression is the sole or primary purpose of the special event; and
         b.   Payment of the deposit would be so burdensome that in the absence of a waiver the applicant would be precluded from exercising its First Amendment rights. (Ord. 2018-05 § 2 (part), 2018)