13.24.080   Notice to property owners and utility companies.
   A.   Within ten days after the effective date of a resolution adopted pursuant to Section 13.24.030, the city clerk shall notify all affected utilities and all persons owning real property within the district created by said resolution of the adoption thereof.  Said city clerk shall further notify such affected property owners of the necessity that, if they or any person occupying such property, desire to continue to receive electric, communication, or similar associated service, they or such occupant shall provide all necessary facility changes on their premises so as to receive such service from the lines of the supplying utility or utilities at a new location subject to the applicable rules, regulations and tariffs of the respective utility or utilities on file with the commission.
   B.   Notification by the city clerk shall be made by mailing a copy of the resolution adopted pursuant to Section 13.24.040 together with a copy of this chapter, to affected property owners as such are shown on the last equalized assessment roll and to the affected utilities. (Prior code § 7857)