13.08.440   Contract with outside industrial and commercial users.
   A.   Use by an industry or commercial establishment located outside the city limits ("outside user") shall not be granted if it shall impair the usage of the sewer system or any part thereof by property within the city.
   B.   Enlargements, extensions or modifications of the city sewer system for use by outside industries or commercial establishments, shall be solely at the cost of such user and the city shall, upon completion, be granted title to and hold full control of such extension, enlargements or modifications.
   C.   Failure or refusal of any outside user to comply with any condition of this article or of any contract granted hereunder, shall be sufficient grounds for cutting off its connection with the sewer system after five days written notice thereof by the city.
   D.   Determination by the city that the use of the city sewer system by an outside user is resulting in impairment of the use by property within the city, shall give the city the conclusive right to terminate any contract user's further use of said city sewer system or any part thereof.
   E.   Any existing contracts with outside users for city sewer system usage shall not be modified by the provisions of this chapter until such time as such contracts have terminated.
   F.   Maximum protection to the city shall be provided in the drafting of any contract and such protection shall include enforcement of the pretreatment provisions of the city's NPDES permit and provision for annexation to the city of the property occupied by users at such time as annexation is, in the opinion of the city, feasible, with sufficient penalty fees in said contract to guarantee compliance with this stipulation.
   G.   All contracts with outside users shall be approved by the city council.
   H.   Permission shall not be granted to connect any lot or parcel of land outside the city to any public sewer in or under the jurisdiction of the city unless a permit thereof is obtained. The applicant shall first enter into a contract in writing whereby he shall bind himself, his heirs, successors and assigns to abide by all ordinances, rules and regulations in regard to the manner in which such sewer shall be used, the manner of connecting therewith, and the plumbing and drainage in connection therewith and also shall agree to pay all fees required for securing the permit and a monthly fee in the amount set by the city for the privilege of using such sewer.  The granting of permission for connection to the city sewer system by an outside user shall be optional with the city council. (Ord.  2006-02 (part),  2006: Prior code § 4239)