13.08.310   Plans, profiles and specifications required.
   A.   The application for a permit for public sewer construction shall be accompanied by complete plans, profiles and specifications, complying with all applicable ordinances, rules and regulations of the city, prepared by a registered civil engineer, showing all details of the proposed work.
   B.   The application, together with the plans, profiles and specifications shall be examined by the city engineer who shall within twenty (20) working days approve them as filed or require them to be modified as deemed necessary for proper installation. When the city engineer is satisfied that the proposed work is proper and that the plans, profiles and specifications are sufficient and correct, he shall order the issuance of a permit predicated upon the payment of all connection charges, fees and deposits and furnishing required bonds. The permit shall prescribe such terms and conditions as necessary in the public interest. (Ord.  2006-02 (part),  2006: Prior code § 4226)