12.40.040   Formation of districts.
   A.   Proceedings for the formation of an open space district may be initiated by petitions signed by the property owner of the separately assessed parcels and lots in the proposed district, who own at least fifty (50) percent of the parcels or lots within the district, or said proceedings may be initiated by resolution of city council. The petition shall be filed with the city clerk. The city clerk shall check or cause such a petition to be checked. If it is signed by the requisite number of qualified signers, the clerk shall certify to that effect and shall present the petition and certificate to the legislative body.
   B.   A district shall only be formed to maintain street lighting, landscaping, and other open space improvements which are in addition to the services normally provided by the city, and which are of direct benefit to the open space district, the property owners of the district and the inhabitants of the district. (Prior code § 7073.3)