12.40.020   Definitions.
   As used in this chapter, the following terms are defined in this section:
   Cost. The annual maintenance cost shall be calculated by the city public service department. The cost shall be based on a separate entity performing the work and shall include all direct and indirect expenses, such as, but not limited to, labor, materials, and overhead.
   Incidental Expenses. "Incidental expenses" means and includes:
   1.   The cost of preparation of any report, including plans, specifications, estimates, diagrams, and estimating service charges;
   2.   The cost of printing, advertising, and the giving of published, posted, or mailed notices;
   3.   Compensation of any engineer or attorney employed to render services in proceedings pursuant to this part;
   4.   Any other expenses incidental to the maintenance of the open space areas.
   Maintenance. "Maintenance" means the furnishing of services and materials for the ordinary and usual upkeep, operation, and servicing of any of the improvements, including but not limited to:
   1.   Repair, removal, or replacement of all or any part of the improvement;
   2.   Providing for the life, growth, health, and beauty of landscaping including cultivation, irrigation, trimming, spraying, fertilizing, or treating for disease, or injury;
   3.   The removal of trimmings, rubbish, debris, and other solid waste.
   Property Owner. "Property owner" means any person who owns a parcel of land and is shown as said owner on the last equalized county assessment roll; when such person is no longer the owner, any person entitled to be shown as owner on the next county assessment roll, if such person is known to the local agency; where residence is subject to recorded written agreement of sale, any person shown therein as purchaser. 
   Public Lighting Facilities. "Public lighting facilities" means all works or improvements used or useful for the lighting of any public places, including ornamental standards, luminary poles, supports, tunnels, man holes, vaults, conduits, pipes, wires, switches, fasteners, capacitors, meters, communication circuits, appliance attachments, conductors, guys, stubs, platforms, braces, transformers, insulators, contacts and appurtenances.
   Public Places. "Public places" means one or any combination of the following:
   1.   Any public street, highway, road, alley, lane, boulevard, parkway, or other way dedicated to or used for public use;
   2.   Any public property, right-of-way, easement or leasehold interest which is in use in the performance of a public function and which adjoins any of the ways described in Part 1 above.
   Public Utility. "Public utility" means any public utility subject to the jurisdiction and regulated by the public utilities commission.
   Service or Servicing. "Service" or "servicing" means the furnishing of:
   1.   Electric current, or energy, gas, or other illuminating agent for any public lighting facilities or for the lighting or operation of any other improvements;
   2.   Water for the irrigation of any landscaping, the operation of any fountains, or the maintenance of any other improvements. (Prior code § 7073.1)