12.40.010   Purpose.
   A.   The purpose of this chapter is to provide a means whereby the city may form open space maintenance districts within which owners of property may be charged the cost and expenses of the maintenance of street lighting, landscape services normally provided by the city, and which are of direct benefit to the open space district, the property owners of the district and the inhabitants of the district. It is the intent of this chapter to establish and provide procedures by which open space land may be maintained either in its natural state or appropriately landscaped for scenic purposes or for passive or active park and recreational purposes. This chapter is intended to provide a method for the maintenance of the landscaping which serve localized interests but which are not susceptible to administration in funding by the typical homeowner's association, and which should not be imposed as a burden upon the general taxpayers of the city.
   B.   The city council of the city, in establishing the purpose and intent, declares the open space areas to be maintained are of special benefit to the property owners within the district. (Prior code § 7073)