12.24.220   Record of cost for abatement.
   The director shall keep an account of the cost (including incidental expenses) of abating such nuisance on each separate lot, or parcel of land where the work has been done and shall render an itemized report in writing to the city council showing the cost of watering, pruning, trimming, or treating said oak tree(s), and incidental expenses, on each separate lot or parcel of land; provided, that before said report is submitted to the city council, a copy of the same shall be posted for at least five days upon the premises or property upon which such oak tree(s) are situated, or the nuisance committed, together with a notice of the time when said report shall be submitted to the city council for confirmation; and a copy of said report and notice shall be served upon the owner of said property, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter at least five days prior to submitting the same to the council; proof of said posting and service shall be made by affidavit and filed with city clerk. The term "incidental expenses" shall include, but not be limited to the expenses and costs of the city in the preparation of notices, specifications and contacts, and in inspecting the work, and the costs of printing and mailing required hereunder. (Ord. 9907 § 2 (part), 1999)